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My first encounter with you was at the shoot with Kelly Green and Tosin Ogundadegbe several years ago. Tell me did you know you would run a modeling agency of your own while starting out as a model?


While starting out as a model, was I thinking of running an agency? Actually, the answer is no because I was in school at the time and even what I was studying I didn’t like it. I was studying accounting; I didn’t like it at all. I wanted to study law but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do after school. So it was more like I was modeling because people told me I could model. I liked sports more so I saw myself doing sports after school than modeling.

Do you still do sports?

No, I stopped. Unfortunately, I became too lazy for it. You know when you enter the glam world.


What sport were you doing then?

I was doing basketball.

You look like a tennis person

Everybody says that. Actually, I was trying everything. My friends were making me try everything. My dad really wanted me for sports and I was trying everything. I tried four hundred meters, I tried tennis, I tried a whole lot. So it was just for me to specialize in a particular one after school. But then the whole thing changed because of modeling. No regrets because I enjoyed modeling.


When exactly did you now think of starting your own agency?

I think after school. Hmmm, how do I explain this? Okay, I have a very strong personality. I don’t like peole going against what I believe. Whatever I think is right, I don’t like people going against it. Obviously, my parents were against modeling, you know 100% against modeling for me at that time and I kept asking them if you can give me the reasons you are against modeling I would stop it. But until then I’m will keep doing it and they couldn’t. The only reason they could give me was that it makes people wayward and I’m like ‘I’m not wayward, I’m still the same person’ and because of that it really pushed me to just say, you know what, after school I’m going to do this, I’m going to fight for other kids that have the same issue with their parents that want us to do this or that or maybe even singing and they are forcing them to do another thing. It’s bad enough that I felt like I was forced into accounting and now modeling and it’s like nobody is giving me a reason why I shouldn’t model. Even though I knew I wasn’t going to do it in the long run, I wanted to rebel.

But that’s really interesting, at least it’s gotten you this far. Miss Nigeria beauty contest is still strong I believe. Do you think that is has helped your career in any way?

It helped my career at that time. Obviously, I worked for Miss Nigeria, it was a big show at the time, and everybody watched it. I was Miss Congeniality even though I don’t know how all my friends at that time thought I was the funniest in the house. So getting that Miss Congeniality role kind of helped me in terms of the society and stuff. I can say acceptability like people accepted me more because of that tag, I mean I don’t think it will either make you a good model or a bad model, if you are a bad model then you are bad model and if you are good you are good but I think in terms of people accepting me and kind of just knowing who I am.

So flash back to last year when you had you first FEW Next Phase in collaboration with ING models. What could that one thing that you could have done better on this show last year be?

Lots, a lot. You know like for me I’m very clueless about a lot of things in fashion. What I know is what I know. What I know is management, production; I just know how to produce a good show that’s all I know. You know last year had issues with sponsorship, I had issues with the show itself not because it wasn’t produced properly and me but it was okay for me because it’s my first show, so it was okay for me to make all of those mistakes. So the question is what will I have done better? (Yeah)

I would have done a lot better as my production was not okay, I didn’t believe the casting was strong enough; there was no good press. There’s a whole lot I should have done better which I will do better this year.

That’s good. How would you describe your partnership with ING?

Without any doubt it’s been like one of the most amazing things that has happened to me as a manager because right after I started my agency – I didn’t learn how to manage my agency – they kind of just helped me grow my brand, because I’m associated with this big brand I’m forced to want to do something great , you know because I’ll have to be great to remain in that partnership, so it’s been an amazing thing and they’ve always led me through the way, shaping a couple of things for me, so it’s been amazing, it’s been good.

So you’re currently working on season two of the same project, how has the first season influenced this upcoming season and what are the spoilers you could possibly give? Exclusive 

Exclusive. I’m going to one more country which is not online yet (Laughs)

What country could that be?

So we’ve already released like three countries online but there’s still one more which nobody knows yet which I’ll be adding later.

So what are the spoilers you can possibly give and how has the first season influenced the second one?

It influenced it a whole lot. For me right now I know what to do, I know how to start, I know the things that went wrong the last time that I have to correct, it’s bigger now. I’m doing like Africa because at the end of everything Nigeria is over saturated with some particular kind of beauty so and I feel like other African countries are not being tapped in like. There are other beautiful girls in those countries you know


But that is a whole lot of budget?

Of course, it involves a whole lot of budget that’s why I said that this year is going to be stressful but I’m ready for it you know it’s like a challenge for me so I’m doing other African countries now just to dilute the beauty that we have in the international scene right now

So what could that spoiler be in that country?

(laughs) I’m not telling you. Nobody is expecting me to add any other country but yes I’m adding one more

Alright, so she’s adding one more. So the very shoot with Tosin and Kelly as mentioned earlier if you can recollect what would you make of your total modeling career before you stopped and what agency were you signed to back



As at that shoot I wasn’t signed yet. Tosin is like a brother to me that was why you probably saw me on set. What I would have made of my total career as a model at that time it would have been poor you know like even I’m supposed to be honored I don’t think I would have made nothing because literally you were just doing jobs and there was really no pay, like you were just doing them so I don’t even know how to explain honestly. I think my biggest paying job at that time was the one I did for Nokia and if I say the price here everyone is going to laugh it’s like 70 or 80k (Laughs). You know and I have my models collecting like 100k and it’s still a small job so I don’t know what I can say I would have made out of modeling career at that time. For me it was passion, it wasn’t even passion, it was more like me fighting and antagonizing some people that are saying something’s wrong.

So what’s your current relationship with the agency or you weren’t signed to any agency?

At that shoot I wasn’t but later on I was signed.

So what agency were you signed to?

I was signed initially to Beth, I worked there for a while and at the point when my dad fell terribly ill you know for me my dad is the closest person to me, so at the time my dad fell terribly ill I felt like I needed a more homely place just to deal with that stress, and then I didn’t want to model anymore but I didn’t have somebody that was going to still fight for me, I didn’t understand what I wanted to do apart from school, so I moved to Isis and I felt more homely there, and that was it.

Thank you. So do you still have a relationship, how do you think Beth and Isis perceive you right now knowing that your agency is as big as theirs now? 

Honestly I don’t know I wouldn’t know, but the thing is I have a special relationship with Aunty Joan which is Isis model till now she’s still, I still go to her to ask her questions when I’m in some problems she still like covers up for me and stuffs like that, so I have a different relationship with them. With Beth, I have a different relationship with her, with Isis I have a different relationship with them.

FEW, your very own founded modeling agency some years back, how do you see this agency in a couple of years in relation to your dreams and aspirations? 


You know every time people ask me something about a couple of years I’m always waving it, I’ll tell you why. It’s like, even though I know what I want to do in a couple of years, I also like trying to give myself that room to breathe and not over plan it and then I don’t want to say it so nobody is running everybody’s race,  but I know that FEW is in line with what I want to do in a couple of years, FEW is going to remain here forever I’m going to die to leave FEW as a public company, so FEW is not just going to be here, I’m just going to be the founder I’m never going to be the director forever ( of course that’s good) so I want to build FEW to where I can have a public assessment to FEW   So it’s going to be here forever.

That’s good. So any unseen project you probably will want to hint Bóyc about? 

(Laughs) I mean I have a couple of projects coming up, I’ve been pushing a particular thing on social media that people are beginning to be like “what’s she pushing, why is she always writing this” so yes I have a tiny project coming up.

So what’s the title? (Laughs)

(Laughs) Maxivive  now! The title, I’m sure if anybody on social media with me, they would have seen what the title might be, you know, (okay tell us) no, but yes I do have something I’m releasing pretty soon actually.

Okay, so would you like to discuss your relationship status and what would you make of love values and norms of our societies? 

I’m very public and I’m very private at the same time. When it comes to my relationship I’m extremely private. I like to put my partner in a comfortable situation, the majority of the time they don’t want to be out there so I like to put them in a very comfortable situation. For me I feel like love is whatever it is you believe in but I feel like it’s overrated in Nigeria, Nigerians are like hypocrites about what love is or they don’t want to accept who they are and there’s just so many discriminations going on when it comes to love and for me it’s just whatever it is that you believe in, whatever it is you feel comfortable doing. If you feel like it’s this particular sex is who you want to be with feel free to do it, whoever makes you happy genuinely, honestly just go for it. Some days ago I was reading something and there’s some girl who was disowned because she was getting married to another girl or something by the parents publicly on the newspaper and I’m just like at the end of everything they are your parents, they brought you to the world but they also have to let you make your choices at some point in life so whatever makes you happy just go for it. So yeah I do have a relationship and I’m keeping it private.

Alright, so what could possibly be a future project for you? 

Future project (yeah) I’m not saying it (Laughs)

Okay, she’s not saying her future project, we’ll find out. Fantasies and any beautiful twisted unseen side of yourself. Would you like to wear Cinderella shoes one day? (Laughs) or just for one hour? Would you like to disappear into a bank one day?

I think that will be better (Laughs) I want to disappear into a bank one day, get all the funds there and use it for the one million projects I have. That, oh no. I think it should be like me being this wall soldier every time I’m in my room I just want to train on how to beat up someone so yes (Laughs)

Okay so what could have been your greatest controversy but didn’t make the status?

Hmmm, what could have been?

Maybe, someone is trying to plot a controversy for you but you were smarter enough 

Maybe it would have I don’t know but mean not that I try to

Or maybe someone was trying to relate something about you that doesn’t make sense 


Of course, the one that they did, did get online I think about two years back with my whole company association. Of course, there was one it came online so yeah.

What could that be? 

The issue I had with the company lawyer for the bread seller girl, Jumoke at that time,


Oh, she was with you?

Yes, she was but I mean it made online but I survived it.

What happened? 

Oh, that’s my story I want to put up again.

We are trying to document things so we just want to put it in

(Laughs) Yeah but I don’t want that story up again

It’s still a part of your career; it’s going to be a controversy 

It’s there, the controversy is already there, but you know it was an emotional rollercoaster. It was draining, I was dealing with home issues. My dad just died at that time so it was too much for me to take in. So I just didn’t deal with it in media, I just kept quiet cos I had issues I was dealing with.


So you didn’t reply?

No, I didn’t so I don’t want to start it all over again

What’s your secret to life documenting and conservation of thoughts and processes? How do you keep your thoughts and how do you proceed with what you have to do?


I don’t meditate; I don’t do all those things. All those Yoga meditating are terrible. I just write. I jot a lot. Every time I remember something I’m writing it down and I’m the old fashion person I don’t type I write it down then I move through it and say okay this is what I have to do and this is what I have to do. So yeah, the one thing I try to do is I don’t procrastinate that I’m going to do this tomorrow

If it’s in front of me, I’m going to do it right now

The one challenge you manage to run to your favor would be what?

I think my major challenge is the fact that I’m too strong. It’s a big challenge. I’m not a soft person so it’s affected me all through my life from school to when I was small. People would beat me up because they felt I was a bad person, I was the wrong person because I have a very strong personality

You have zero chill

Yeah, you bring it and I give you the same way.  But now I’ve been able to turn it into something amazing for myself, do you understand. Now I know how to manage it, I know how to control it and it’s working for me right now in terms of my business especially in the fashion industry where you have to be like a tiger to really on top.

How old are you, date of birth and exactly what motivates you? 

Some people know my age and my friends know my age

We are trying to document it, it’s will be in your profile 

Laughs why I always avoid saying it is because it’s either good for me or bad for me. It’s 2nd May 1990

So what motivates you?

It’s wanting to keep working, wanting to change a life, wanting to just do something different, work; work; work

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